Board of directors

Byggma ASA is managed at the corporate level by an elected board of seven members and a corporate governance.
Terje Gunnulfsen
Terje Gunnulfsen has served as Chairman since 2009, but has been a board member since June 1. 2001. Gunnulfsen holds a MBA and has extensive trade related backgroundand diverse management experience in finance, sales, logistic and economic, including as marketing manager for the finance company Nevi Finans, and as Sales Director and later Director of Distribution in Christianssands Bryggeri. The periode 1998 – 2009 Gunnulfsen was employed in the nordic IT-service corporate InfoCare, the first years as CFO, and from 2005 as CEO. He is currently a partner in NEO Group.
Kristin Wallevik
Board member

Kristin Wallevik was elected to the board in 2015. Kristin Wallevik is Dean at the Norwegian School of Economics at UiA and was prior to this a CEO of Agderforskning. She holds a PhD in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from the USA. She has a background from various functions in TrioVing and Aker Solutions as a controller and financial manager with financial management of large projects and group reporting as responsibilities. In Agderforskning she has conducted and participated in several research projects in innovation and innovation management. She also has experience from several boards of directors in various industries.

Grethe Hindersland
Board member
Grethe Hindersland was elected to the Board in 2012. She works as a factory manager at Portland Aluminum, an aluminum smelter in Australia. The company is part of Alcoa's aluminum division. Grethe Hindersland is educated at the Air Force Technical Command School and has Engineering Studies from former Agder University College, including one year in Germany. She worked a number of years as an aerospace engineer. She has extensive experience from Norwegian industry in different roles within technology teams and management, including the general manager of Alcoa Automotive Casting, CG-Glass and the entrepreneurial company Scopos.

Knut Henning Larsen 
Board member

Knut Henning Larsen was elected to the board in May 2016. He is an economist and lawyer. As an economist he worked as credit adviser, head of the credit school and administration manager in the West Agder police district. As a lawyer, he has worked as a police attorney and a lawyer. From 1999 he has conducted his own law practice. He has a court of appeal for the Supreme Court and is currently a partner in Sørlands Advokater DA.

Edvart Tredal Høyåsen
Board member/employee representative

Edvart Tredal Høyåsen was elected onto the Board in 2012. He is educated as an industrial mechanic and works daily as a process operator in Byggma's subsidiary Huntonit. Edvart has been employed by Huntonit since 1981, and has previously been in the Huntonit Board for six years as an employee representative. He has also previously been the main electorate at Huntonit, and today holds a petition as secretary of Byggma's corporate committee.

Bjørnar Jakobsen 
Board member/employee representative

Bjørnar Jakobsen was elected to the board in 2016. He joined Uldal AS in 2011 as a machine operator and has two directorships in Fellesforbundet avd. 3.

Bjørnar is engineer in mechanical engineering and metallurgical process operator. He has previously worked as a process operator in Saint Gobain and Elkem Silicon Materials.


Erik Fjeldberg
Board member / employee representative

Erik has background as an operator at several plants but currently works at Byggma's subsidiary Forestia. Here he has worked since 1985. He is currently a trustee for his department at Braskereidfoss and is also the employee representative of the Forestia Board


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